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We took part in this event last month for the Refrag : Plan + Algorave day and it was a really cool reunion <3

Refrag #4 Cradle-to-Grave is a symposium exploring new connections between art, culture and technology. By parsons paris > design + technology.
Using the life-cycle assessment as the structure for the fourth edition of the refrag festival, we are creating a space for debates and exchanges for students, visitors and artists / hacktivists / makers engaging with various aspects of this linear system, and in doing so, give a comprehensive overview of research and artisitic practices addressing the impact of information and commnunication technologies.
The contributions span from addressing environmental, social and political issues related to planned and perceived obsolescence, techno-colonialism, techno-propaganda, consumerism, and more… coming from a variety of practitioners.

more > www.refrag.paris
video > by Sanie Irsay


We’re re-launching Exquisite Glitch with some more reasonable/accessible and fun projects ! I declare ROUND 2.0 OPEN FOR PUBLIC ♥

[no idea what I’m talking about ? >> Exquisite Glitch ]
“ Exquisite glitch is like exquisite corpse only we’re into glitches not cadavers. :) en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Exquisite_corpse

You have until 1st Nov 2017 to choose to [participate] in the event to be part of this round. - You will then be asked confirmation of participation through PM and then given source files to glitch. You will then have until 1st of Dec 2017 to glitch your shit together.

This round includes : videos && pictures
ask for any of the above ^ according to your preferences
special selected sauce will be given according to your style ♥

Final work will be uploaded on the youtube && projected throughout glitch family events during the year of 2018

> www.facebook.com/events/1892813447701962/

/FU:BAR/ 2017

This year again I will be attending the fu:bar/expo @ AKC Medika in Zagreb, Croatia.
It’s been a real pleasure to play a part in this year’s glitch community outreach role for the festival and I’m looking forward to this year’s selection of performances/talks/workshop.

My artist talk will be held on Thursday the 12th of october 2017
18:00 - Artist talk (~60’): ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ [Kaspar Ravel] @ Galerija Siva
From rosy retrospection to digital compression,
a history of chickens wearing rose tinted glasses since the 1900s.

The full schedule can be found here > fubar.space/read more


The beta for “Tomato” is now open to the public !
> github.com/itsKaspar/tomato
Basically it’s a python (2.7) script and datamoshing utility designed by and for glitch artists.
It can act on any codec & any resolution as long as a file is .avi and <4GB
(so chop'em up if they are too large).
It should be A LOT faster than any other datamoshing utility since it doesn’t need to encode and acts on the frame order and not the frames themselves.

Available Modes as of today :
ikill = delete all iframes
bloom = duplicate a given frame n times
pulse = duplicate n times each c frame
shuffle = shuffle all the frames

Usage Examples :
python tomato.py -i input -m ikill output.avi
python tomato.py -i input -m pulse -c 5 -n 10 output.avi
python tomato.py -i input.avi -m shuffle output.avi

More is coming for the 1.0 release but I’d love for you guys to beta test it as is for now.

Big thanks to Tomasz Sulej for the base concept and all the help but also to Way Spurr-Chen for letting me copy moshy’s pulse idea


Next weekend I will be holding the JPEG CRUSH talk & workshop in London at the DKUK Salon
as part of the 2017 Art Licks weekend.

Glitch art is deliberate manipulation of data, and data is ever evolving.

As our lives continuously get transcribed into bits, our relationship with data keeps changing; binding closer. The ability to control the usage of data, of information, is in the interest of anyone who has pieces of themselves stored somewhere.

Kaspar Ravel, a curator for the Glitch Artists Collective, will be hosting a JPEG data-bending workshop aiming to introduce its participants to the flawed aspects of our visual society. Without prior experience recquired, every participant will leave with a glitch and guidance towards further experimentation. There will also be an opportunity for discussions on post-glitch studies and the rise of phone apps, such as ‘Glitche’, that create glitch art at the press of a button.

> www.facebook.com/events/1650044038341346/read more


It’s official. After a year of parsed collaborations on events in the region on Paris,
I have been signed by the french visual arts label OYÉ.
From now on they will be handling the booking and programming of my further Video Jockey (VJ) dates in France.

I’m honored and feel very proud about being part of a group of like-minded people who put visual artists forward on the stage. There is a thin line between artist integrity and technico-commercial compromise, that nobody respects as well as OYÉ does.
It’s never been done on this level before, and therefore I’m looking forward to keep working with this new family, this time as part of the team.read more


> anti-materia.org/eyecandy/2017/9/3/week-81kaspar-ravel

Today’s digital signatures, such as compression artefacts, are seen as faults.

The race to new and better video codecs avoiding visually lossy content is raging through a commercial enterprise of standards.

The development of an impressionist glitch art form is a reaction to the constant evolution of these codecs, aiming to draw attention towards obfuscated information of failure through the destruction of detail found in artefact beauty. Challenging these complex algorithms using their flaws is a way for these artists to free the pixels from their half-life; giving them sense as malleable entities.read more